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October 30, 2003     The Quincy Valley Post-Register
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October 30, 2003

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Oc'rOBFH 30, 2003 FORU get 1-841's a back-breaker Howell at the Moon Before our state's ergo- nomics rules are even an- ~'~=~ acted, we're voting on get- ting rid of them. Initiative 841 would repeal the work- place safety regulations we put in place back in 2000, ~ two years before we've even had a chance to see if they work, The gripe? They're too expensive, bad for businesstacit 4"tahiti in an already-ailing economy, "Job-killers!" cry the employers, fretting over having to finance their own compliance with the new, would-be regulations. It's true. It will cost money to figure out why 50,000 workers a year come home with debilitating injuries that could have been prevented. And I think business people in this State have a legitimate case when they complain of constantly being victimized by burdensome and over- reaching government regulations. businesses finds themselves strapped acket - namely because over many years, established for them- selves a reputation for behavior bordering on the insane, ~ialiy Where workers are concerned. In the name of efficiency and productivity we habitually people to do more than they can reasonably handle, We work more hours and take less breaks in this country than anywhere else in the industrial- world - and it takes a toll. The problem is that this toll is most heavily borne by the employee,by the checker who must keep on checking until the line ends or that 15-minute break comes around; by the l~aper who bends at the waist until lunch; by the assembly line worker who twists and ratchets, twists and ratchets, twists and ratchets; by the nurse and the nurse's stretch ~ ~e slightest twinge, makes sure ~s em: same luxury. too, have worker safety businesses a bundle in lost on to safeguard workers on butnot so when it comes to taking too easily becomes just ;queezed, little has changed on this account is ; I've read, both pro and I center around the dollar, around the ~y figures about how embarks on of financial reasoning, when what is really ' prevent :20,000 that will be a cost ergonomics laws will be necessary. term. But it's better :term. I'll be voting noon I- ROARING TWENTIES In lhe grld below, twemy wctde cm be found that flt the cstegoo/for today. Circle eech word that you findand ktitlnthempro- v(dedatthedghtof~hegdd. Word8 can beloundinddirecUomv- lorwarde, l~ckwardo, l'mdamltlly, ~ and dlal~m~lly. An crumple ie giwm to get you a~rted. Can you rid today's 20 words? Today's Category: ASIAN NATIONS I l iii Q A T A R N A D R O d B DN A T S I K A SS A N I H CM At D T I D A K I M N R S N S L DA A D T I A A ON L E D D N E BS I S E O E A MV A S N S P R AD H J A P A N CS T WK Q L G KU WA I T C I P D A S G N L A G E I U B S~S O H Y R I K R A A I Ill E R Hi~ L A S GS B D D F I N D I A 1. Syria 2. == e e 6. "Te e 9~ 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. O 2003 Puztlc ~ S~l., Ob by DBR Me.J, Inc. HAMSTER ALLEY STORMFIELD "='== "09~'M'- ~-~ " " - ~"q,'~ I" [ Trivia Time IBy WALTER BRANCH 1. Whose career got on after Mike Nichols s the British farce, "Eh??"? 2. What did "The Preppy Handbook" say y should drop into your Perrier ~ tar to combat a hangover? 3. What company, on May 1950, became the first cor tion to boast a million ers? 4. What Richard Harris hit, Donna Summer bring back !!!!m~.!~ 1978? 5 What African "Something of Value" se 6. How old was Ray~ [1I ~~[~ i when he went blind?7. What TV western he4 | .... name was derived from oneida: , Charlemagne s 12 legend~ knights? ~i~e 8. Whose ringside comic-st~/~ buddy was Jerry Leemy? 1I tl 9. What physicist was respd~an sible for developing the hydrog~O~~ bomb for the Soviet Union? "j,01 10. How many McDonald,> restaurants were there in Trivia Time Answers 1. Dustin Hoffman's; 2. wedge of lime; 3. AT&T; By Polly Keener "MacArthur Park"; 5 Ken 6 years old; Z Paladin; 8. Palooka; 9. Andrei Sakharov One (c) 2003 DBR Media, Inc. By Wesley Alexander Mind Your P 's and Q 's ! Even if you're not exactly social-butterfly type of it's a good idea to keep terms with your neighbors. times of crisis, you can be help each other out. This can invaluable. For instance, if know a neighbor is going for sutl gery or a medical procedure, as~t if you can do anything, such providing a meal or shopping. It'~ not only a nice thing to do, it'~ good manners. Then, if you you're the one who's in people won't be a helping hand to you. (c) 2003 DBR Media, Inc. Don't let your marriage get trampled by the 'four horsemen' Everyone knows that argu- ments and misunderstandings are normal occurrences in rela- tionships. But a friend recently told me a story that illustrates just how quickly a minor dis- agreement can turn into a major conflict. A few years ago this friend of mine was raking some leaves while doing a little late autumn yard work. Rather than putting the leaves he hadraked up into trash bags or a garbage can, he decided to bum the pile out in his yard. Without warning, the winds jumped up and blew the flames from that small brush pile fight into the woods behind his house. A sixty-foot area was almost instantaneously set on fire and the flames continued to spread at a rapid pace. Seven fire en- gines and two hours later, my friend's "little bum pile" had been extinguished. Conflict in a relationship, es- pecially a marriage relationship, often escalates in much the same way. An argument that starts as a minor disagreement can quickly become a full-blown fight with the potential for lear- Faro 17 Matters ing long-term hurt and bitter- ness with one or both sPouses. The truth is, even the best marriages have to deal with con- flict. The key to creating and maintaining a happy, healthy marriage, however, is learning how to handle conflict in a way that actually helps build the re- lationship rather than hinder it. In fact, knowing how to ef- fectively communicate and re- solve conflict is often the differ- ence between a successful mar- riage and a failed marriage. That' s why premarital counsel- ing and marriage preparation courses often devote the most time to teaching communica- tion and conflict resolution skills. Applying his degrees in mathematics, physics and psy- chology to his own experimen- tal techniques, relationship ex- pen and University of Wash- ington professor John Gottman has learned how to predict with remarkable success whether a marriage will succeed or fail. His research illustrates Tolstoy's adage that "All happy families are alike," but it also demonstrates the existence of destructive patterns common to unhappy couples. Happy couples argue, he says~ but they communicate clearly and openly and listen with empathy Many unhappy couples, however, enter into a downward spiral of conflict that Gottman terms "The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse," Gottman' s "four horsemen," or predictors of divorce, are: criticism, contempt, defensive- ness and stonewalling. Criticism. Complaints actually are a good thing, a natural part of opencommunication. Butcom- plaints become destructive when a spouse is backed into a comer and the assessment gets personal: "You leave your socks on the floor because you're a slob." Contempt. The spiral heads downward when disgust becomes evident: "You've always been a slob, always will be, and so was your mother and her mother before her." Defensiveness. When the recipient of the attacks takes on a defensive pos- ture - admittedly a natural re- sponse - it only makes things worse, the research shows: ,'I'm not going to listen to you be- cause you're an idiot, too." Stonewalling. In the final stage neither part- ner speaks to the other. In a successful marriage couples are able to validate each other through the course of a conflict, even though they may argue passionately for their own posi- tion. The prescription for avoid- ing this destructive downward spiral is developing open, est and tion in your marriage. caUy, Gottman's research gests that relationships when a wife is assured that husband can communicate his wife thatshe's being heard that he genuinely is listening. i Next week I U share so~ l~ practical tips on how couple~ can improve thek communica' don while actually using cotr flict to strengthen their marriage! It's not always easy, but witlt i commitment and the right toolsi you and your spouse can worg together to put out more of those little bum piles before they be" come four-alarm fires. Jeff Kemp is a husband and ttu father offour boys. He also serves as Executive Director of FamilieS I Northwest, a nonprofit organiztfI tion dedicated to making Wash" I ington state the best place in the i~ world to be married" and ratS~ i|l ~ children. For more informat!Oa and resources, go to www WttliRE TO WRITI! YOUR OFFICIAIA Governor Gary Locke Washington Governor's Office Legislative Building Olympia, WA 98504 Senator Maria Cantwell 464 Russell Senate Office Bldg. Washington, DC 20510 Senator Joyce Mulllken 109A Irv Newhouse Bldg P.O. Box 40413 Olympia. WA 98504-0413 (360) 786-7624 Senator Patty Murray 173 Russell Senate Office Bldg. Washington, DC 20510 Representative Doc Hastings 1323 Longworth House Office Bldg. Washington, DC 20515-4704 State Representative Bill Hlnkle District 13 206 John L. O'Brian Bldg P.O. Box 40600 Olympia, WA 98504 (360) 786-7808 State Representative Janse Holmquist District 13 421 John L O'Brian Bldg P.O. Box 40600 Olympia, WA g8504 (360) 786-7932